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Dry Red Wines

Chateau Hermitage Mazeyres, France | 63
Deep, dark-purple in color, this Bordeaux has intense nose of blackberry and plum with excellent concentration.

Butterfly’s Rock, Bulgaria | 54
Powerful, multilayered nose with fine perfume aromas of field flowers, chocolate, sweet oriental spices, cedar, cherry liqueur, black currant and black cherry. (50% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15 % Cabernet Franc, 10% Shiraz)

Villa Cafaggio Chianti Riserva, Italy| 46
Deep purple-red; intense fruit and spice aromas; marked concentration and depth; long, smooth finish.

Merrain Rouge Bordeaux, France | 34
This elegant Medoc delivers hints of flowers, pepper and spices (65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot)

Callabriga Alentejo, Portugal | 34
Red-violet color, intense ripe red fruit aroma. Full-bodied and smooth displays excellent balance and elegance. International Wine & Spirit Competition Silver Winner 2013.

Elena Walch Merlot, Italy | 11/34
Nice brilliant ruby red. Nose is rich in plum and black berries. In the mouth is very fruity and juiced, with a nice acidity and a little spiced finish. Very easy and enjoyable to drink, very nice with light dish. Medium fruited persistence.

Telish Cabernet Sauvignon, Bulgaria | 8/24
Fruity, fresh, yet attractive nose with blackberry, red pepper and cocoa. Medium body with delicate dark chocolate and blackberry flavors, which stays long into the finish.

Via Diagonalis, Bulgaria | 34
Spicy and fruity, with attractive nuances of leather and pepper woven with the delicate aroma of blueberry and a sweet vanilla accent. It has a long finish with juicy wild berries in the aftertaste. (60 % Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 % Rubin, 5% Mavrud)

Red and White Wines - Sweet

Dona Antonia Reserve Porto (Red), Portugal | 7 (by the glass only)
Intense bouquet of ripe fruit with hints of flowers and of wood, a result of its prolonged aging in Ferreira’s centuries-old wine lodges.

Baciami Romagna (White), Italy | 26
This sweet fragrant wine, 100% Albana grapes, brims with honeysuckle and ripe pear.

Kreusch Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling (White), Germany| 7/20
This wine is medium-bodied with a fragrant and fruity nose, displaying hints of nectar-ines. (Riesling 75%, 25% Muller Thurgau)

Red Wines - Friendly

Pendar, Bulgaria | 11/34
The deep, ruby color of this blend of Rubin and Merlot prepares for the seductive, fruity nose, which gives out juicy aromas of ripe raspberry and blackberry, fine nuance of black olive and a light earthy accent. (55% Rubin, 45% Merlot)

Yantra Cabernet Franc, Bulgaria | 8/26
This black grape produces spicy, black pepper flavors with strong dark fruit character and tannins that are bold but not overpowering. The daring flavor of this wine makes it a must-have for any wine connoisseur.

Leonard Kreusch Pinot Noir, Germany | 34
Offers a nice floral aroma with an appealing mix of bright cheery and dried raspberry notes with a touch of rose petal. Silky and elegant with nice depth and a touch of oak in the finish.

Lenz Moser Blauer Zweigelt, Austria | 8 (by the glass only)
Deep ruby red color with bluish tinge. Reminiscent of soft Cru Beaujolais, fruity length. An uncomplicated red wine with pleasantly youthful structure. (100% Zweigelt)

White Wines - Dry

Via Diagonalis, Bulgaria | 11/34
Beautiful, bright pale yellow-green color. An elegant nose with discreet spice (white pep-per), grapefruit skin, mango and juicy pear. (67% Sauvignon Blanc, 15% Semillon, 8% Chardonnay, 5% Grenache Blanc, 4% Sauvignon Gris)

Telish Chardonnay, Bulgaria | 8/24
Juicy tropical fruits and apple are dominating in the nose. The body is rounded and bal-anced with ripe fruits and flowers in the aftertaste. (100% Chardonnay)

Elena Walch Chardonnay, Italy | 34
This wine shines in brilliant straw yellow with a fruity bouquet of exotic notes, ripe ba-nanas and light floral aromas. On the palate, the wine is elegant and mild with an interest-ing finish.

Lenz Moser Gruner Veltliner, Austria | 8 (by the glass only)
Light, fine spicy notes with fruity hints. Lively, pleasant finish. Fresh, spicy style with deli-cate peppery notes. Lovely body with dry aftertaste. (100% Gruner Veltliner)

White Wines - Friendly

Telish Sauvignon Blanc, Bulgaria | 8/24
Bright and transparent in the color with gentle green nuances. Medium-bodied, well-balanced, with grapefruit flavor in the long aftertaste.

Chateau Haut-Bernicot Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc, France | 24
Light, fruity with citrus and passion fruit coming thru, very nice and refreshing.

World Beer

1809 Berliner Weiss, Germany | 12
Wheat beer that has refreshing, tart, and sour taste, with lemony-citric fruit sharpness and almost no hop bitter-ness. Known as the Champagne of Beer.

Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer, Germany | 11
Made form selected barley malts, this beer is kilned over fire of beech wood logs. It is truly unique smoked beer experience.

Riegele Augustus Doppelbock, Germany | 6
A gold medal winning, robust yet smooth wheat beer brewed using the Riegele’s two-mash brewing process.

Unibroue Maudite - Belgian Strong Dark, Canada | 6
Characterized by a robust maltiness and spiciness that is counterbalanced by an assertive crisp hop finish.

Eel River Organic Amber Ale, California, USA | 5
Medium-bodied with a hoppy bouquet and a distinctive rich taste. A caramel-like sweetness is balanced with a liberal dose of certified organic hops for a pure taste with pure ingredients.

Augustiner Maximator - Doppelbock, Germany | 5
This pleasant, dark doppelbock of monasterial origin, especially suited for festivities during the chilly season. Toffee and licorice with a slight nuttiness.

Okocim Full Pale, Poland | 5
Simple-flavored pale lager that is very easy to drink. Taste is immediately sweet and bready with a light lemon taste in the finish.

Riegele Privat, Germany | 5
Bavarian craft beer, winner of the coveted European Beer Star and named the 2010 German Beer of the decade. It is perfectly balanced and delivers a crisp, clean finish.

Gaffel Kolsch, Germany | 4
The classic Gaffel Koelsch is a particularly fresh speciality beer from Cologne, brewed according to a time-honored family recipe and the German Purity Law of 1516 with water, malt, hops, and hops extract.

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weiss - Hefeweizen, Germany | 4
The #1 Rated Hefe in the world! Also, the oldest brewery in the world! Nothing refreshes more that his cloudy weissbier with its wonderfully rich yeasty taste.

Bard’s Tale (Gluten Free) | 5
The world’s first craft gluten-free beer brewed with 100% malted sorghum.

Radeberger - German Pilsener, Germany | 3
Clear, pale golden color with fine, creamy foam, predominant hops taste with pleasant, subtly distinct note of hops bitterness.


Single Malt Scotch

Dalwhinnie Highland, 15 years | 11

Cardhu, 12 years | 9

The Glenlivet, 12 years | 9

The Balvenie Portwood, 21 years | 24

Balvenie Doublewood®, 12 years | 9

Aberlour, 18 years | 15

Macallan, 12 years | 9

Highland Park, 12 years | 9

Glenmorangie, 10 years | 9

Cragganmore, 12 years | 9

Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Platinum, 18 years | 15

Johnnie Walker Black, 12 years | 7

Johnnie Walker Red label | 4

Irish Whiskey

Yellow Spot, 12 years | 18

Gelnfiddich, 14 years | 9

Tullamore D.E.W., 14 years | 11

Redbreast, 12 years | 11

Burbon & Whisky

Knob Greek Single Barrel Reserve | 9

Four Roses 90 Small Batch | 6

Wild Turkey Rare Breed | 6

Crown Royal Whisky | 4


Stolichnaya Elit | 9

Ciroc- Original or Red Berry | 6

Grey Goose la Poire, l’Orange, or le Citron | 5

Belvedere Intense Unfiltered | 7

Belvedere– Original | 5

Finlandia | 4


Pisco Porton | 9

Grappa | 5

Navip Slivovitz Plum | 4

St. Remy V.S.O.P Authentic | 3


Captain Morgan’s | 4

Bacardi | 4


Tanqueray No.10 | 6

Hendricks | 6


Pomegranate Martini | 10
Grey Goose L’Orange, pomegranate juice, Cointreau and orange slice

Ultimate Martini | 10
Belvedere Intense vodka, dry vermouth and olive

Classic Martini | 10
Tanqueray gin, dry vermouth, green olives, and lemon peel

Baren Pear Martini | 8
Grey Goose la Poire vodka, Bärenjäger, Triple Sec, lemon juice, and mint

Raspberry Lemonade Martini | 8
Ciroc Red Berry vodka, Grey Goose Citron vodka, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, and lemon

Old Fashioned | 8
Four Roses bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange slice, maraschino cherry, club soda

Dizzy | 9
Four Roses bourbon, Bärenjäger and brandy

Manhattan | 8
Crown Royal whisky, sweet vermouth and maraschino cherry