Naslada Bistro

Naslada. The Bulgarian word for a satisfying evening in the company of friends, with no shortage of excellent food, fine wine and good conversation. Where the meal is an experience. Savored, not rushed.

When chef Boby Mitov and his wife Mariana moved to Northwest Ohio from Bulgaria, they wanted to bring this same type of dining experience along with them. Prompted by their longing for traditional dishes from childhood, they opened Naslada Bistro in 2003 at Woodland Mall in Bowling Green. By 2006 the small eatery expanded into its current state as a full-sized restaurant in historic downtown Bowling Green, serving authentic European cuisine, old world wine and special cocktails in a charming and cozy atmosphere.

An integral part of their commitment to high-quality dining is preparing meals with only the finest ingredients. The menu offers a wide range of organic, locally-sourced options, including free-range, gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly choices. Good for the palate and the body. Come experience Naslada for yourself.